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2023 Summer Hire Application

Nauvoo Business Group has finished recruiting individuals who are interested in working in Nauvoo, Illinois during the summer and fall of 2023. We will be posting the application for 2024 along with the session dates in December.


We utilize our summer hires across all Lines of Business, allowing them to gain experience in a variety of different jobs. Those interested in potentially being placed in supervisor roles must arrive during the first session. 

Our Summer Hire program features bi-weekly activities for all participants and a monthly reservation based excursion (with limited availability) that you could sign up for! Additionally, every other week will feature an optional Sunday spiritual class for those interested in gaining an additional spiritual depth to their Nauvoo experience. 

Transportation is not provided. Your work location, Dollar General, restaurants, and Nauvoo events are within walking distance; however, bringing a car is recommended should you want to explore the surrounding areas.

Additionally, we do offer a Program Completion bonus for our summer hires and interns to help cover the cost of traveling to Nauvoo. 


1875 Mulholland St., Nauvoo, Illinois

2023 Program Dates

Session One

Session Two

Session Three

May 10th -- August 16th

May 24th -- August 16th

May 31st -- August 16th

Special Session One

May 29th -- July 31st

Session Four

Session Five

Session Six

August 23rd -- November 1st

August 30th -- November 1st

September 6th -- November 1st

Special Session Two

September 1st -- October 31st

Extending your program beyond the session end date may be possible. If you are interested in staying longer, please let us know during your interview!

Hello there!

After you submit your application, we will review it and reach out to set up an interview to introduce ourselves, the summer hire program, and get to know you. 

We also have 5 summer internships, which is similar but different to our Summer Hire Program. The summer internships for 2023 are:

Business Management: work closely with our managers and get hands on experience in what hospitality management looks like. 

Product Development: work with our in store and online retail team to design and develop products to meet the needs of customers. 

Web Design: assist in working on existing websites and designing new projects for the company.

Social Media: work on a variety of different social media platforms, bringing the offerings and experience of Nauvoo to people from around the world!

Finance: work closely with our finance staff to review strategic ways to standardize accounting and purchasing practices.

If you would like to be considered for one of our 5 internships, please submit your full resume to the email below.


Bailee Skog


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